Looking For The Perfect Recovery Gift? 3 Of The Most Clever Ideas

Do you know someone that is going to have surgery or will be in bed for a long time? Are you trying to find the perfect gift for them to help them recover? If so, there are a few options that can keep them busy and prevent them from getting bored.

You don't want them lying in bed staring at their phone all day, looking at the same posts on social media over and over. Instead, consider these clever gifts to help them occupy some of their time while they recover.

 TV Series on Blu-Ray

Is there a television show you think they would enjoy and they have enough time to get caught up with the live shows, or a show that has already wrapped up the final season? If so, order the person a complete TV series on Blu-ray.  and they can watch it at their own pace while they recover. This gives them something to do when there aren't any of their favorite shows on, or when they get sick of daytime television.

Complete Book Series

Reading will distract the person and stimulate the brain at the same time. Are they into history, science fiction or romance? If so, you can find a popular or classic book series they haven't read and purchase all of the books in the series, so they can move from one right into the other while they rest or heal. If you can't find a series, a few books by the same great author will do.


If the person doesn't have a tablet they may be forced to perch a laptop on their legs or stare at their phone all day. Instead, get them an affordable tablet so they can search the Internet, watch videos and tutorials, and play games. The tablet is something they can easily maneuver around with, and it's a gift they'll use for years into the future.

If you feel bad you can't spend a ton of the time with a friend or family member that is going to spend days, weeks or longer recovering, you can get them a gift that will help them pass the time. These are just a few of the many great options you can consider when you are picking out what you want for the person, along with some treats, flowers and even some balloons to brighten up their day and living space. 

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