Are You In Charge Of Your Women's Organization's Next Event?

Are you the president of a women's church organization or of a women's civic club? Have you been asked, or is it your responsibility to be in charge of your group's next major event? If so, from choosing a theme to arranging for a stand up comedian, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something the women in your group will remember and enjoy. 

The Theme - Has a theme already been decided on, even before you were given the responsibility of your group's next event? If not, that obviously means that you'll have the fun of selecting the theme yourself. Consider what the women in your group would enjoy. For example, if your group is church-based, you might decide that a good theme would be ​Women Of the Bible or Being Like The Mother Of Jesus. If your civic organization would enjoy a historic theme, consider giving the theme a name like The Heroines Of World War II or Women Of The American Revolution. Once you have selected a theme, it will be easier to design things like the invitations, posters and pamphlets that will be distributed before the event. Hopefully you will have others to serve on your committee, as then you can brain storm for ideas.

The Entertainment - Another great thing about selecting a theme is that it will help you and your committee members to arrange the program for your event. For example, if you have chosen Women Of The American Revolution as your theme, it might be good to have different workshops that tell about things like the women's role in forming the new country and how today's women can have a role in the community. Have you thought of having a stand up comedian to be the focal part of your entertainment? Adding some humor to your event will more than likely be well received by the women who attend. Think of inviting a female to do a stand up comedy routine on the theme of your program. For example, if your group is church based, the comedienne will know to keep words and stories very appropriate so that nobody is offended. You might even have somebody in your group who is known to be a funny gal. If so, consider asking her to do the job. Another idea is to have several women be part of a reader's theater, giving the reading a funny slant.

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